Sustainable Port Development in ASEAN

Ports are commercial, logistic and industrial nodes at the intersections of international trade and play a key role in the economic development of their countries and regions. As traffic in the ports continues to grow port authorities and operators are more and more concerned about the impact of their activities. Port operations and related activities concentrated in a relatively small area cause high safety risks and environmental impacts. The project on ‘Sustainable Port Development in the ASEAN Region’ provides methodological
and technical support for the implementation of modern and sustainable Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) management in the participating ports.

Project Objective 2009-2015

“Selected ports have improved the quality and efficiency of their Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) management.” The project actively engages ports in 7 countries as well as national level representatives.


The project aims to achieve sustainable port development through capacity development, awareness raising, and technical assistance in SHE.  Social, economic and environmental factors are integrated holistically to achieve sustainability.

A standardized approach (Initial Status Review) was developed to assess the ports' strengths and challenges as well as to analyse the gaps with international standards.  This has become the basis for each port to identify areas for project intervention, support and assistance.

To improve the overall living conditions of port workers and communities around the ports, the project cooperates with relevant ministries and institutions in the respective countries.  This will ensure long-term results and impacts of the project.


Contact information

  • Mrs. Franca Sprong
    Project Director