GIZ is providing training and capacity building services from its base in Bangkok.  

We have technical and methodological expertise and management know-how combined with country and regional experiecnes around the world. In all our activities, helping to develop skills, capacities and knowledge has always been our core tasks.

We offer high-quality training and workshops in a wide range of sectoral areas such as agriculture, energy, environment, communication, consultancy, leadership development, and trade, among others. 

We provide capacity development measures of 1-day, 1-week, months or 1-year programmes. These can be combined with a whole range of methodologies such as case studies, project-based assignments, or study trips.

We work with all, from government bodies, public entities or private companies, NGOs, development organizations, and international organizations. To date, we have provided our services to customers from Africa, Asia Pacific, Central Asia, South Asia, and Latin America.

We are a South-East Asian hub of GIZ’s Academy for International Cooperation (AIZ), GIZs training facility in Germany. 

More information about our upcoming events, please see here.

To Contact GIZ Training Services Bangkok, see below contact information:

GIZ Office Bangkok

Ms. Jarukan Rassiri

คุณจารุวรรณ ราชศิริ

Tel: +66 2 661 9273 ext. 33 - 34
Fax: +66 2 661 9281 - 82