News & Events : (Renewable Energy Project Development Programme (PDP) in South-East Asia)

  • Smart Energy Hackathon Innovators Produce 16 Energy Solutions 79 Hackers, 16 Teams, 33 Mentors, One Mission

    Bangkok, Thailand -  After 29 long hours of coding all but one team managed to submit creative digital smart energy solutions to advance the energy transition in Southeast Asia. The winning team “SolarPi” developed a solution that logs solar ene...  More

  • Bangkok Hackathon to save Southeast Asia’s energy system

    An International Alliance with the Power to Accelerate the Smart Energy Economy in Southeast Asia   An international alliance of partners have launched the Smart Energy Hackathon in Bangkok, Thailand from Sept. 8-10 to accelerate the development...  More

  • Smart Energy Hackathon Southeast Asia

    Deploying smart energy solutions is no longer only a hardware but much rather also a software and business model challenge. Prices for new energy sources have come down significantly over the past years and while in the past reducing the cost of hard...  More

  • Thailand’s businesses go for the sun - Solar energy is competitive!

    Nonthaburi, 14 June 2017 – The times where solar energy was considered expensive are long gone. “We are now using solar power to lower our production costs. I was surprised myself, but it simply makes economic sense to go solar!”, said Mr. Phairat Ue...  More

  • Visionary Thai Island Communities Choose Renewable Energy

     “My vision for Phra-Thong Island is that it is 100 % renewable within the next 4 years!” – Mr. Atthapol Meepian.   This remarkable statement by Mr. Atthapol Meepian, the head of Koh Phra Thong Sub-District Authority Organization, shines at...  More

  • Biogas Association Roundtable Talk: Biogas Safety and Market Development in Thailand

    On 19th of October 2016 GIZ organized a "Biogas Association Roundtable Talk" to create an exchange platform of the well-established German Biogas Association (Fachverband Biogas, FvB) and the newly founded Thai Biogas Trade Association (TBTA).  ...  More

  • Thai Communities Keen on Renewable Energy

    Bangkok, 18 October 2016 - Representatives from more than 30 Communities from each region of Thailand are discussing today about how to make better use of renewable energy sources in their regions. Thailand recently ratified the global climate treaty...  More

  • 2nd Thai-German Community-based Renewable Energy Conference 2016

    GIZ and the Thai Ministry of Energy (MoEN) jointly organized the “First Thai-German Renewable Energy Community Conference” in October 2015 in Bangkok. The conference was the first of a series of annual events on renewable energy projects of communiti...  More

  • Community-based Renewable Energy: Koh Jik – Small Island with a Great Vision

    Rarely visited by tourists, the island of Koh Jik lies off Chanthaburi province in the Gulf of Thailand.This serene and safe island is home to a mere 100 households. The majority of its inhabitants are fishermen who rely on marine resources. The live...  More

  • ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2016

    With about 26,000 visitors from 40 countries the ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week (1-4 June 2016, BITEC Bangkok) is one of ASEAN’s largest exhibitions on renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmental technology. The Renewable Energy Project Deve...  More