3rd Thai-German Community-based Renewable Energy Conference 2018

GIZ and the Thai Ministry of Energy (MoEn) jointly organised the 1st “Thai-German Renewable Energy Community Conference” (CBRE) in October 2015 in Bangkok. The conference was the first of a series of annual events on renewable energy projects of communities in the context of the Project Development Programme (PDP) of GIZ.

The next event is taking place on the 8th of February 2018 and is designed in a way to maximise the exchange of communities, renewable energy (RE) companies and international experts in order to evaluate latest models and technologies for RE on community level in an interactive way.
Goals of the Forum
1. Create and maintain a large and unique network of communities in the RE sector of Thailand;
2. Discussion and evaluation on latest models and concepts for community-based RE approaches with the communities;
3. Present latest technology solutions for RE in communities.
4. Support to implement Thai-German community projects.
Target Groups of the Forum
1. Thai community representatives or local citizens and different commercial sectors who are interested in developing their own RE project together with Thai and German private sector partners.
2. Thai and German technology suppliers, investors and project developers who understand the particular challenges of community projects and intend to develop Thai-German renewable energy communities.
3. Thai public officials involved in the regulation of decentralised energy development (Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA), Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE), Energy Policy and Planning Office (EPPO), Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), Public-Private Partnership (PPP), Provincial Energy Officers; national and regional level).
4. Media representatives interested in deepening their understanding of the topic.
Conference Concept and Programme
The conference will have an interactive setup: After a short introduction in plenum, three working groups will be formed on different RE topics: Solar Rooftop Systems, Renewable Energy Hybrid Grid Systems and Solar Water Pumping. In each working group international, experts will join to share their expertise. The working groups follow each a specific agenda and methodology.

In the afternoon, the challenges in RE project development, implementation and operation discussed in the working groups will be addressed in four technical hand-on mini trainings. Technical input will be delivered by experts from specialised companies. Each participant can select to attend 2 different trainings:
A. PV Implementation Guidelines: Step-by-step in Solar PV Project Development
B. Centre Piece of Renewable Energy Hybrid Systems: The interaction of components and how they influence each other!
C. Solar and Pumps: The match is important!
D. Make My Battery Run! Operation and Maintenance
The innovation roadshow gives space for different technology providers to exhibit their products, solutions and ideas in the premises of the venue for an interactive networking during the breaks.
The “Meet the Experts” Corner, organised in parallel with the training sessions, provides space for companies to get in contact with participants who are interested in developing RE projects. Interested participants get the chance to present their cases to the companies and gather information about possible technical solutions and services in a casual atmosphere.
For more details:
Conference Concept Paper (EN / TH)
Conference Programme (EN / TH)
Register online until 26th January 2018 at https://goo.gl/forms/ha7Ia0MvN1XletG63
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Email: kajarin.yotdam@giz.de
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