Smart Energy Hackathon Southeast Asia

Deploying smart energy solutions is no longer only a hardware but much rather also a software and business model challenge. Prices for new energy sources have come down significantly over the past years and while in the past reducing the cost of hardware was in the focus, in the future it will be about tapping the (digital) potential to reach customers and provide solutions. Now the buzzwords are Demand Side Management, Smart Grids, Blockchain and IoT, and many more.

GIZ, a state-owned company supporting the German Government in reaching its sustainable development goals, aims to bridge the digital gap and raise awareness of software potential for smart energy solutions in Southeast Asia. In order to work towards this vision, GIZ in collaboration with CalCEF/New Energy Nexus, TechGrind, CU Innovation Hub, and KX, is hosting the Smart Energy Hackathon Southeast Asia this coming September 8 - 10, 2017 in Bangkok. It is a software developing competition to identify talents and bring new digital technology innovations to solve current energy challenges. The Hackathon constitutes the kick-off for a larger support program aiming to create a smart energy software ecosystem in Southeast Asia.

The Smart Energy Hackathon features a 10,000 USD cash prize to winners. In addition, incubators may offer funding and incubation programs to the most promising teams post-event. This Hackathon is not exclusive to hardcore coders, it invites startups, coders, software designers, data scientists, and energy professionals to collaborate and compete for innovating solutions. There will be experts from different fields from designer to the energy sector to provide mentorship throughout the event.

Here are some noteworthy highlights:
1.     $10,000 total cash prizes (1st $4,000 | 2nd $3,000 | 3rd $2,000 | People’s Choice $1,000)
2.     Access to a rich network of clean energy incubators and accelerators
3.     Explore incubation opportunities to accelerate your smart energy startup
4.     Network with other like-minded professionals

Anyone brimming with ideas is encouraged to apply and this does not only apply to coders. You are invited to join the action with fellow innovators, while solving Southeast Asia’s energy challenges. Find all the details on our event website here or on facebook.

This event wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors, if you are keen to get exposure for your company or put up a challenge yourself, get in touch regarding sponsorship opportunities.

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