TOB 2017 Annual Planning Workshop

On 8-9 February 2017, the Thai-German Trilateral Cooperation Programme organized it's annual planning workshop for the year 2017 at TICA Office. The Trilateral Operating Body (TOB) had the chance to review and reflect on the results of the past year as well as the challenges that had arisen and the lessons-learned to inform amendments to the working process and action plan for the year. The team planned activities for the Programme's four components, including 1) capacity building in development cooperation and result-oriented steering and project management 2) development of the instrument of trilateral cooperation 3) development of joint strategy for Thai-German technical cooperation activities in the region, and 4) implementation of small-scaled trilateral projects with the third partner countries. For example, in component 2, the Team together revised and developed a Project Management Guideline and a Communications Strategy that aims to address the appropriate target audiences. There are many activities that the Programme seeks to accomplish in the year ahead and with the vigor and zeal of the team, we look forward to pursuing them with our developed 2017 strategy and plan.