Biogas Association Roundtable Talk: Biogas Safety and Market Development in Thailand

On 19th of October 2016 GIZ organized a "Biogas Association Roundtable Talk" to create an exchange platform of the well-established German Biogas Association (Fachverband Biogas, FvB) and the newly founded Thai Biogas Trade Association (TBTA). 

Two major topics namely biogas safety and biogas market development were discussed in an open and informative format. The new Thai association is aiming in strengthen their capacity to act and influence to the Thai biogas market. Therefore, the event gave room for the associations to share their knowledge and experience.

Programme (ENG)
Programme (THAI)
Summary and Photo Documentation
Presentation: FvB "The German Biogas Association: Scope, Network and Structure"
Presentation: FvB "FvB Biogas Safety Guidelines - Overview"
Presentation: FvB "FvB Biogas Safety Guidelines - Topic Deep Dive on Crucial Points of Biogas Safety in Thailand"
Presentation: FvB "Biogas market in Germany and its main drivers"
Presentation: ERDI "Overview of existing Biogas Safety Guidelines in Thailand"


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