Extended Southeast Asian Conference on GPP and Eco labels as Promoter for Innovation, Qualification and Green Transformation

28 – 30 September 2016, The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) are organizing the event ‘Extended Southeast Asian Conference: GPP and Eco Labels as Promoter for Innovation, Qualification and Green Transformation’ at Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort in Chiang Rai, Thailand. More than 80 participants from government agencies, intergovernmental agencies, national eco-labelling program implementers, research institute, private companies, manufacturers and interested organizations from 15 countries of developed, developing and less developed countries were participating in the event.

During the event, there were exchanging of information and sharing experiences in working groups which were provided for specific interest in different topics including criteria development process of type I eco-labels, sustainable consumption and production towards sustainable development goals, development of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions on SCP, successful approach for green public procurement (GPP) and eco-label policy support, quantifying benefit of GPP, green construction, and innovative strategies on promoting eco-friendly products in the market. From participants’ active contributions, feedback and ideas has gone towards making this event great success.

MRA signing ceremonies in Chiang Rai
Two signing ceremonies were held on 30th September 2016, in order to promote the cooperation between Type I Eco-labels. Firstly was the signing ceremony on the Mutual Recognition Agreement between Thailand Green Label and SIRIM Eco-label. The second was the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding on Imaging Equipment (Printers, Copiers) Common Criteria between Japan Eco Mark and Thailand Green Label. In this regards, Dr. Ulf Jaeckel, Head of Division-Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB), and Mr. Stefan Helming, Country Director of GIZ Thailand and Malaysia, were the guest of honor to be the witness of the ceremonies.

Below are the feedbacks from participants:
“Thank you very much for the excellent Organisation and taking care of everything! IT was one of the best and most constructive meetings I ever have bèen to.- Ulf”
-    Dr. Ulf Jaeckel, BMUB (Germany)

“Thank you Khun Yimm, Thomas and all of your team for inviting me. I had a very good and constructive time with you in Chiang Rai. Best of luck for the continuation of the project! - Christine”
-    Dr. Christine Falken-Grosser, Deutsche Botschaft Bangkok

“We send our deepest appreciation to GIZ and BMUB for the learning opportunity, and of course for the entire GIZ Team for putting up a very informative Conference on SCP vis SGD.  Hope to see you all again in the course of our collaboration. Thank you very much. – Dennis”
-    Dennis Santiago, GPPB-TSO (Philippines)

“Thank you very much for the kind email and again a huge thank you to the team for organizing such an excellent event. The Indonesian delegates and me keep on telling everybody in Jakarta how great it was. And thank you again also for taking such good care of me with pick ups etc. – Bettina”
-    Bettina Heller, UNEP (France)

“Thank you very much. It's was a pleasure to meet everyone and learn experience from all of you.
I hope to be able to meet with you all again. - Đinh Thanh Hà”
-    Dinh Thanh Ha, VEA (Vietnam)

"Dear Thomas and GIZ team, We would like to thank you for everything you arranged and facilitated. That was very informative event and wonderful stay in Chaing Rai. This was great opportunity to learn new things from participants and build fantastic networking. Eco Mark Office (or at least me) is eager to work with our colleague in SEA. We hope that we move forward with GIZ. - JEA, Eco Mark Office"

-    Takayuki Honma and Hiro Kobayashi, JEA Eco Mark (Japan)

“Thank you very much for your kind support for my participation in the SEA workshop to learn valuable experiences from countries in the region. - Le Duc Chung”
-    Le Duc Chung, Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam

“Really appreciate on your great organized and warm hospitality on the best kick-off event. This was good opportunity of our council whom is the private sector to connect with the environmental agencies. I do hope we will have a chance to get this kind of networking and experience sharing in future. – Jirawadee”
-    Jirawadee Pipattanatornkul, ASEAN Vinyl Council Association (Thailand)

“Thank you to you and the team for three very interesting days in such a lovely place ! - Bjorn-Erik”
-    Bjorn-Erik Lonn, GEN c/o Ecolabelling Norway

“Thank you very much, the GIZ team for inviting us to participate in such wonderful and informative event.  Congratulation for the successful event and  all the very best for your future dealing. - BASORI BIN HJ SELAMAT”
-    Basori Bin HJ Selamat, SIRIM (Malaysia)

“Thank you for the opportunity to learn and meet new people wirking for the cause of Green Procurement and Eco Labels.  Hope we can be given other opportunities for more exposures with the group. - Emma C.Asusano”
-    Emma C.Asusana, DTI-NCRO (Philippines)

“Hello GIZ team, Allow me to echo everyone else's sentiments: it was a great event that was organised very well. I personally felt that the facilitation, organization and content of the event was one of the best I've been to so far. It was also great honour and pleasure to meet so many of us who are working towards the same goal of sustainability. We in Bhutan look forward to following some of your footsteps and make GPP and SCP a reality here. - Pem (Bhutan)”
-    Pem Lama, GPP Bhutan (Bhutan)

“Thank you so much for giving me a very good opportunity to learn and exchange information and experience about taking care GPP and EL. Congratulate you and the GIZ team on a successful and wonderful workshop. – Ha Kieu (Vietnam)”
-    Ha Nguyen Viet Kieu, MoIT (Vietnam)

Result of the workshop is ready to download:

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