2nd Thai-German Community-based Renewable Energy Conference 2016

GIZ and the Thai Ministry of Energy (MoEN) jointly organized the “First Thai-German Renewable Energy Community Conference” in October 2015 in Bangkok. The conference was the first of a series of annual events on renewable energy projects of communities in the context of the Project Development Programme (PDP) of GIZ. This year’s event will take place on the 18th of October 2016 and is designed in a way to maximize the exchange of communities, RE companies and international experts in order to evaluate latest models and technologies in an interactive way. In three working groups the participants will develop ideas, project leads and strategies to implement community-based renewable energy projects focussing on bioenergy, PV-rooftop and renewable energy hybrid-grid systems.

Goals of the conference
  1. Create and maintain a unique and large network of RE communities in Thailand;
  2. Discussion and evaluation on models and concepts for community-based RE approaches;
  3. Present latest technology solutions for RE in communities.
Target group of the conference  
  1. Thai community representatives or local citizens who are interested in developing their own RE project together with Thai and German private sector partners.
  2. Thai and German technology suppliers, investors and project developers who understand the particular challenges of CBRE projects and intend to develop Thai-German renewable energy communities.
  3. Thai public officials involved in the regulation of decentralized energy development.
  4. Media representatives interested in deepening their understanding of the topic.
An innovation roadshow gives space for different technology suppliers to exhibit their products, solutions and ideas in the premises of the venue for an interactive networking during the breaks. 

Conference Programme and Concept:
     - General Programme (ENG / TH)
     - Conference Concept Paper (
     - Working Group 1: Bioenergy Programme (
     - Working Group 2: Solar PV Rooftop Programme (
     - Working Group 3: RE-Hybrid Systems on Islands Programme (
     - Working Group Summaries and Photo Documentation (ENG / TH)


Working Group 1: Bioenergy
Block I: Organizational structure for bioenergy projects and self-consumption possibilities
  1. Different Organizational Structures and Examples for Community Biogas Plants - Frank Hofmann (ENG / TH)
  2. Sharing Experience: Practical Example for a Community Run Biogas Plant and Self-consumption Opportunities in Thailand - Dr.Pruk Aggarangsi (ENG&TH)
  3. Options, Structures and Examples for Biogas Self-consumption - Frank Hofmann (ENG / TH)
Block II: Aspects of Bioenergy Project Development
  1. GIZ Introduction and Experiences in Bioenergy Projects - GIZ (ENG&TH)
  2. Certification of Wood Substrates for Biomass Power Plants - Werner Kossmann (ENG)
  3. An Approach to Integrate Sustainability Consideration in Bioenergy Projects - GIZ (ENG&TH)
  4. FiT bidding scheme – Benefits and application process - OERC (TH)
  5. Potential and Development of Biogas Power Plant in Lampaya Klang SAO, Saraburi Province (ENG&TH)
  6. Biogas Power Plant at Khaonoi Village (ENG&TH)
    Bioenergy Company Introduction: EnviTec BiogasBioenergy Germany

Working Group 2: Solar PV Rooftop
Block I: Solar PV Business Models and Options for Public Roofs
  1. Introduction to Solar PV WG (ENG)
  2. Solar PV Business Models for the Public Sector - GIZ (TH)
  3. Challenges and Barriers from On-going Projects - GIZ (ENG&TH)
Block II: Solar PV on Community Roofs
    Solar PV Company Introduction: BayWa r.e. / Solarworld / KACO / SMA / juwi / Conergy

Working Group 3: RE-Hybrid Systems on Islands
Block I: Exchange, learning and working on a model community
  1. Sharing Experience I: Thai model community Koh Jik - Narongchai Hemsuwan (TH)
  2. Sharing Experience II: Technical solutions of the Koh Jik system - Dr.Usa Boonbumroong (TH)
  3. Business Models and Options for RE Hybrid Systems on Islands - GIZ (ENG)
Block II: Adaptation to other Islands
    RE-Hybrid Systems Company Introduction: ILF Consulting Engineers / HOPPECKE / ABO TRADING

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