Continued Integration of the Climate Change Concept in the Development Planning Process at the Provincial and Local Levels

The Support to the Development and Implementation of the Thai Climate Change Policy (CCA) Project has translated the Thailand Climate Change Master Plan from theory into practice by integrating the climate change concept in the development planning process in pilot areas of 17 provinces and 32 municipalities. The aim is to raise awareness and build the capacity of personnel at both the provincial and municipal levels. This is achieved through training sessions in the pilot provinces in all four regions as well as through visits for consultation on the planning process. The first three training sessions aimed to create an understanding of the Climate Change Master Plan, to analyse the development direction of each area in regard to climate change, and to set goals and implementation approaches in line with the Climate Change Master Plan.

Between April 25 and May 25, 2016, the project conducted the fourth training session in all four regions. This focused on writing programme and project proposals in compliance with the goals set by each area. This allowed each area to learn and practice selecting programme and project proposals, determining indicators, calculating budgets for project implementation, and analysing agencies related to project implementation. Upon completion of the fourth training session, the project will make field visits to provide consultation and comments on the drawing up of a climate change action plan while assisting each area in writing project proposals in clearer detail.


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